Ninja Classes

Combining the best of martial arts, gymnastics and parkour class in to one exciting adventure.

Ninja classes are a mix of parkour class, martial arts class, gymnastics class and freestyle movement, designed to introduce kids to the exciting world of ninja sport!

From flips to kicks, our ninjas navigate new challenges through obstacle course training. These ninja skills don’t just look cool – they transcend the gym. Our ninja classes are fast paced, fun and build a solid foundation for success, focusing on both athletic skill and character development.

Oshkosh Gymnastic & Cheer is excited to offer NinjaZone™ classes, the next big movement in kid’s athletics.

NinjaZone™ classes are transforming the way kids move! The classes are the perfect fitness option for children interested in karate or parkour classes.

By channeling their boundless energy towards a common goal, little ninjas are better prepared to succeed in all aspects of their life.

Signing your child up for a NinjaZone™ class sets them up for that success!

NinjaZone™ Classes

NinjaZone™ coaches are trained on all equipment under strict safety guidelines established by USA Gymnastics and NinjaZone.

Ninja Training classes are now available for boys ages 4 ½  – 11 and girls ages 6-11.

Ninja Training is the grandmaster of ninja classes, offering a mix of martial arts, gymnastics, obstacle course training and freestyle movement.

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Ninja classes teach strength and discipline

NinjaZone™ classes instill focus, grit, and confidence, preparing them for the next challenge in ninja class and in life.

Ninja Class Disciplines Include:

  • Martial arts
  • Parkour
  • Gymnastics
  • Obstacle Course Training
Ninja classes introduce our athletes to a new sport, while building character and teaching important values. Turn your child’s energy in to ambition!
Ninja classes coming soon:
  • Lil’ Ninjas, ages 3 – 5: A ninja class for the littlest ninjas, offering an introduction to ninja sport.
 Ninja Parities are coming soon, too!

A birthday party for ages 3-11 lets guests experience all the fun of a NinjaZone™ class.

Ninja Class Benefits Include:

  • Strength and agility from obstacle course training
  • Total body control from gymnastics
  • Creativity from freestyle movement
  • Discipline from martial arts

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