Recreational and Team Gymnastics

Oshkosh Gymnastics & Cheer offers a variety of classes and programs for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels.

Our gymnastics classes range from recreational to competitive, and are structured to meet the needs of our athletes and their busy schedules.

We offer a variety of classes, grouped by ability, for:

  • Babies
  • Tots and toddlers
  • Preschool
  • Advanced preschool
  • Introductory, intermediate and advanced girls
  • Introductory, intermediate and advanced boys
  • Trampoline and tumbling
  • Exercise and fitness
  • High school
  • Competitive programs for girls and boys

It is our goal at OGC to get to know each and every athlete, so we can personalize the instruction.

We want to help our athletes safely accomplish their personal best and have fun doing it.

We provide a wide range of class dates and times for maximum flexibility for our athletes and their families. See our class schedule for more information.

Gymnastics Benefits

Gymnastics provides students with skills that go beyond the gym.

  • First, it promotes a healthy, active lifestyle by teaching children a lifetime love for movement. Active and healthy kids are more likely to grow into active and healthy adults.
  • Second, gymnastics promotes self-confidence and obedience. Our gymnasts are among the hardest working, disciplined, self-assured athletes.
  • Third, it helps build strength, flexibility and coordination. Attributes that carry over to all other activities the athlete may chose to get involved in. This group sport is also a great way to teach developing children the importance of a team.

These important life skills can all be learned in a nurturing, structured and, most importantly, fun environment.

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