Boys Gymnastics – School Year Session

Boys 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 years old

Fun, active programming introduces your child to the different gymnastics events, shapes, and movements while building coordination and muscle development. Class settings also helps your child learn interactive skills.

Boys Beginning Gymnastics Rec Level 1: Ages 6 to 14.

This beginner  class will introduce boys to the six men’s Olympic events…Vault, Floor, Pommels, Parallel Bars, Rings and High Bar. Basic tumbling, the core of all gymnastics, is taught along with basic trampoline skills and safety, strength & flexibility.   A great way to help release all the energy young boys have plus gain skills that will enhance all sport activities.

Advance Gymnastics for Boys: Ages 7 to 14.  By teacher recommendation only.

Advance skills are learned on the six Olympic events (Vault, Floor, Pommels, Rings, Parallel Bars & High Bar) and trampoline. Advance strength and flexibility work is included that helps build the core attributes to enhance all sports activities. Mastery of Rec 1 skills required to participate at this level. Class meets once a week for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Pre-Team Boys

Prerequisite to Level 4 Team. For the boy gymnast that may be interested in competitive gymnastics. This class will introduce and train the athlete in the protocols and skills for competitive gymnastics participation.  Instructor recommendation required.  Please talk with your instructor if you athlete would like to participate at this level.