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August 28, 2014  

Sophia and Ava have been part of the OGC Jets for well over one year. I am amazed at the growth of both girls in this short amount of time in the areas of: strength, coordination, tumbling, along with maturity and understanding of choreographic routines. My husband and I feel that it is very important to keep our girls active, strong and maintain healthy lifestyles. OGC cheer program has done this and so much more. The coaches do an unbelievable job teaching and encouraging the girls in the art of tumbling, dance and stunts. My girls have gained confidence from performing in front of crowds, succeeding in learning new skills and praise they get from their coaches and teammates. The coaches for OGC Jets set a wonderful example for our girls with mentoring, showing by example how to treat others along with being positive team members to each other. I am proud that my girls are a part of OGC cheer team and look forward to seeing how much they grow over the next season and years to come.

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